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Oriental Rug Cleaning – Wilmington NC

The Gallery of Oriental Rugs was established in 1988 and has cleaned literally thousands of area rugs. Our experience, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise allows us to remove harmful allergens, dust mites, pet stains and mold at the source

Wash Pool

Professional Oriental Rug Wash

In home vacuuming helps keep some of the dirt out of your rugs, but that alone cannot do it all. Rugs need to be professionally washed to remove the deep down dirt and grit that, if not removed, can cause the fibers of your rug to break down through abrasion, taking years away from your rugs useful life.


The condition, age, materials and dyes used to make Oriental and antique rugs vary widely and each must be taken into consideration when cleaning. Our in-house ORRA Certified Rug Appraiser and trained staff enable us to carefully select the appropriate method to clean your specific rug.


Before any rug is cleaned, it is inspected to determine whether any damage is present and what cleaning processes are most appropriate for the rug. If damages are found we email our customers a detailed report with recommendations.


This is where a surprising amount of dirt, grit and contaminants are removed from your rug. If left embedded, these particulates will damage your rug.


Total submersion in cool water with a mild shampoo is the absolute best way to clean natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk. We gently hand-wash rugs with industry approved brushes and tools to clean through the rugs pile, bringing back a healthy nap, and removing all impurities


After the washing process, the water is dumped completely and the wash pool is re-filled with fresh water. The rug is rinsed until free of all cleaning solutions and impurities


We dry your rugs as carefully as we wash them. Immediately after washing, rinsing and water extraction, your rug is placed in a climate-controlled dry room. Both temperature and humidity are continuously monitored while the rug dries under optimum conditions


The final step is to groom the pile, trim fringes, and inspect. Upon completion the rug will be wrapped in plastic and stored in a climate controlled facility.

Area Rug Cleaning Services

  • Oriental rug cleaning in Wilmington NC
  • Rug Pet stain & odor removal
  • Rug Repair
  • Rug Padding
  • Rug Scotch-guarding
  • Rug Moth-proofing
  • Rug Storage
  • Rug Shipping services
  • Rug Water-damage restoration
  • ORRA Certified Appraisals

Six Reasons to use the Gallery of Oriental Rugs

  • Oriental rugs are works of art.
  • We are the only certified experts who can verify type, origin and value of your oriental rugs.
  • This knowledge is essential in choosing the correct and safe method of cleaning.
  • We use a patented sulfate-free shampoo which is gentle on your rug and the environment.
  • We have been in business for more than 30 years and we have cleaned and restored over 100,000 rugs, including rugs belonging to museums, universities, and private collectors.
  • We are a nationally recognized cleaning business, having won the prestigious Americas Mart Award.
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