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ORRA Certified Rug Appraisal

Estate Valuation

The Gallery of Oriental Rugs has the only certified Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA) appraiser in the Eastern Carolina’s. Mr. Fred Nasseri is recognized as an expert in his field and regularly writes rug appraisals to establish fair market value for the purpose of Estate Planning.

Insurance Documentation

The Carolina’s are vunerable to hurricane weather and should your rugs be damaged an ORRA Certified Appraisal will ensure you receive the fair market replacement value for your loss.

Gallery Of Oriental Rugs

“ORRA” (Oriental Rug Retailers of America)
ASID, American Society of Interior Designers (Industry Partner)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Worthington
301 Turnberry Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28405

March 1st, 2014

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Worthington,
I, the undersigned, Fred Nasseri, Certified Expert in the field of Persian and Oriental Rugs, did examine your rug for type, style, origin and fair market replacement value. My opinion is summarized hereunder:

Persian Tekke-Turkman (Turkman Tribes) – 4 Feet 0 Inches By 4Feet 11 Inches

This rug was masterfully hand-woven by weavers of the “Turkman” tribe located on the border of Iran and Turkestan in an area known as “Tekke”. The rug was woven in circa 1908. The foundation is cotton, the pile is 100% hand-spun wool, and the dyes are vegetal dyes. The design is directional geometric and the style and motifs are similar to both “Tekke” and the “Yamut” tribes. The predominant color of the background and borders is red with blue and ivory motif accents. The rug was woven using the Persian knotting technique on a vertical loom. The fair market replacement value of this rug is about $5,500.00.

Yours sincerely,

Fred Nasseri, ORRA CRA