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Shipping Information

Delivery Time

Area rugs are processed within 24 to 72 hours of the time orders are placed. All rugs are shipped via ground freight which then takes an additional 3 to 10 days for transit depending on the geographical location of your delivery address. For more information please contact our toll free number 800.999.2605.

Tracking Your Package

We email your tracking information within 2 days of placing your order.

Free Shipping

The Gallery of Oriental Rugs offers FREE shipping on all orders within the 48 continental United States, this includes area rugs of all sizes.

Care and Cleaning

An area rug brings elegance to any decor. Luckily, caring for an area rug isn’t difficult, and if done properly, you can add considerable life to your rug.

Vacuuming and Beating

Vacuuming your Oriental rug is a key way to keep it looking new, but it should be done gently. If you are using a beat brush vacuum, be sure to turn the beater brush off. Also, be sure to stay away from the fringes so there is no accidental fraying of the rug.

Stain Removal

In any home or office, there is always the threat of objects being dropped on a rug. Many stains can be gently removed by using a mild mixture of water and white vinegar. An important cleaning tip to remember is to not rub at the rug. Soft blotting should be enough to see the stain lift out of the material. It is also recommended that you take your Oriental rug to a professional cleaner once a year to help remove the stains that you cannot get out yourself.


A great way to keep your oriental rug in great condition is to rotate it. Many oriental rugs are placed in rooms that see high foot traffic, by rotating the rug, the wear will be more evenly distributed. Also, if your rug is in line with direct sunlight that can fade the dyes, rotating it annually will help keep the colors fresh and bright.